Kearsney’s Vision, Mission Statement and Values


To be a world-class independent boys’ school, grounded in the values of our Methodist heritage, providing a globally-competitive holistic education and empowering boys to achieve their full potential.


To produce outstanding men with enquiring minds and the knowledge, skills, values and character to succeed and to contribute as ethical, responsible and significant citizens of South Africa and the world.


Kearsney embraces Christian principles and holds the following values:

Lead with integrity – servant leadership

Kearsney staff and boys lead by example, with integrity and empathy.

Serve with empathy – professionalism, respect and care

Pupils, teachers, parents and other stakeholders fulfil their roles and duties with dedication and treat each other with compassion, kindness and respect.

Honesty and humility

Respect the aspirations, abilities and limitations of each individual and promote individual integrity.


Ensure consistent and transparent application of sound policies and procedures, upholding the principles of equity, equality and freedom from discrimination and harassment.