Fixtures, results and team lists

Fixtures, results and teams for sports fixtures (link)

Using the Kearsney sports website

Please note the web interface varies slightly on a smartphone and a desktop/laptop computer, but is very intuitive.

The website address is

Smartphone: You can access the sports website on the go on your smartphone at the same address –
Please note: You must be using Google Chrome as your web browser.
Once on the site, the menu (top right, usually shown by 3 little lines or dots) will give you an option to save the shortcut to the site on your mobile phone’s home screen.

To see at a glance what sports are on, where and when:
once you have entered the sports site, navigate to our Sports Calendar via the main menu. Select the date concerned. A list of games for that date will be displayed

  • click the Details link for the game concerned. This displays the venue and, if applicable, a link to the location map of the opponent’s school.


  • Click the blue shirt image next to the relevant fixture to view the team list.
    Normally we post team lists at least the day before the fixture.


  • You can view fixtures and results by sport or by team.
  • You can download the entire fixture list to your personal calendar on your PC or mobile device. Any changes made will be synchronised with your personal calendar when you connect your PC or mobile device to the internet.

We hope that you find this interface useful and convenient.

After Term 3 of 2016, all results are on the Kearsney sports app or webpage