IEB Results 2014

Excellent Matric Results for Kearsney’s Class of 2014

We are pleased to report the results of the 2014 IEB November Examinations, which were released to the school yesterday. The Class of 2014 have delivered a wonderful all-round set of results, reinforcing our reputation for academic excellence.  Congratulations to the boys on these wonderful results.  Through their hard work and discipline throughout the year they have achieved what was expected of them and made themselves, their families and their school proud.

Some Kearsney highlights:

  • 98.4% Bachelor Degree pass (Matric exemption);
  • 100% pass rate;
  • 45% of Mathematics candidates achieved distinctions (IEB schools’ ave: 26.2%). Two pupils placed in top 1% in SA;
  • 35.6% of Physical Sciences candidates achieved distinctions (IEB schools’ ave: 12.9%). Seven in top 48 in SA. 60% of Kearsney boys wrote Physical Science;
  • 86% of Music and 47% of Drama candidates achieved distinctions;
  • Top 8 EGD candidates in SA;
  • A third of boys achieved 3 or more distinctions (total distinctions 234 at an average of 1.9 each).

One hundred and twenty-three Kearsney matrics wrote the IEB NSC Examinations and a 100% pass rate was once again recorded.  We are proud to have achieved an incredible 98.37% Bachelor Degree (University Exemption) pass rate, the second-highest exemption rate ever, after the 99% achieved in 2012.  Two candidates received Diploma Passes.

Kearsney continues to enhance its reputation for excellence in Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Forty-five percent of the Kearsney boys who wrote Mathematics achieved distinctions. This compares to the average number of Mathematics distinctions across all IEB schools of 26.2%.  An incredible 35.6% of those who wrote Physical Sciences achieved distinctions, almost three times the average of 12.9% Science distinctions across all IEB schools. This is the fourth year in a row that Kearsney has achieved approximately double the IEB average number of distinctions in Maths and Science. Kearsney is proud to be a leader in terms of making Physical Sciences, an incredibly important subject for tertiary education and career opportunities, accessible to the boys, with an impressive seventy-three candidates, or 60% of our Matrics, taking Physical Sciences in 2014.

It is pleasing to witness the excellent results in the Arts and the Humanities, in keeping with the balanced ethos of Kearsney. An incredible six of the seven Music candidates achieved distinctions, while nine of the nineteen Drama students achieved distinctions.  The Engineering Graphics and Design department also continues to perform exceptionally, with more than half of the forty-two candidates achieving distinctions.

In terms of the top 1% of IEB candidates per subject, Kearsney again performed exceptionally well. Two pupils were placed in the top 1% of all IEB candidates for Mathematics (top sixty-five boys and girls in the country), seven in the top forty-eight in the country for Physical Sciences, three in the top twenty-four for Accounting, two in the top twenty-nine for History and all eight of the country’s top EGD candidates are Kearsney boys.

The 123 Kearsney boys who wrote Matric achieved an impressive 234 distinctions between them – an average of 1.9 distinctions each. Four boys achieved seven distinctions, seven boys achieved six distinctions and nine boys achieved five distinctions. Altogether thirty-six boys, almost a third of the Class of 2014, achieved three or more distinctions.

Academics are Kearsney’s number one priority and Kearsney boys are immersed in an academically rigorous environment from day one.  The boys are inspired to achieve academically and our disciplined environment of academic striving, together with our highly qualified, professional and dedicated teachers, empowers the boys to reach their potential and we acknowledge the important role that so many play in making this possible.

Kearsney is proud to be an inclusive school, where boys with different academic abilities are welcomed. These results bear testimony to the incredible results that our leading Inclusion Programme achieves with boys who require various level of academic support and assistance.  Kearsney is also proud to provide financial assistance and bursaries to many families from disadvantaged backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to receive a top education.  The boys are carefully mentored and often achieve outstanding academic results, opening the doors to bright futures.

Summary: Kearsney 2014 IEB NSC Results

Bachelor’s Degree Pass: 121 (98,3% Exemption rate)

Diploma Pass: 2

Did not Qualify: 0 (100% Pass Rate)

Total: 123

Number of Subject Distinctions: 240 (average 2 distinctions per boy)

3 Or More Subject Distinctions:

* BOLD = Top 1% of IEB candidates per subject.

7 Distinctions

Campbell, Daniel AP Maths 96; English 80; History 89; IT 88; LO 84; Maths 98Phys Science 91
Lillelund, Neil Afrikaans 80;  EGD 99; English 85; History 93LO 92; Maths 91; Phys Sciences 93
Loader, Keagan Afrikaans 82; English 83; Geography 90; LO 85; Life Sci 89; Maths 94; Phys Sci 91
Pons, Daniel Dramatic Art 84; EGD 97; English 80; isiZulu FAL 81; LO 83; Maths 95; Phys Sci 87
Zietkiewicz, Patrick AP Maths 88; Accounting 91; English 80; LO 89; Life Science 86; Maths 98; Phys Sci 93

6 Distinctions

Crockart, Ivan EGD 97; English 82; IT 90; LO 87; Maths 91; Phys Science 87
Hart, Dylan Afrikaans 80; EGD 96; LO 86; Maths 89; Music 81; Phys Sciences 80
Harvey, Alexander Dramatic Art 83; EGD 99; Geography 86; LO 89; Maths 94; Phys Sciences 88
Maddock, Matthew AP Maths 89; Accounting 84; LO 89; Life Science 84; Maths 95; Phys Science 94
Pillay, Dhirren EGD 98; English 81; LO 89; Life Sciences 80; Maths 86; Phy Science 85)
Sandy, Dale English 86; History 92; LO 89; Life Science 87; Maths 90; Phys Science 91
van Aswegen, Ruben English 84; History 88; LO 91; Life Science 82; Maths 86; Phys Science 80

5 Distinctions

Blanckenberg, Daniel Geography 89; LO 85; Life Sciences 87; Maths 94; Phys Science 92
Burgess, Justin Accounting 81; IT 88; LO 91; Maths 89; Physical Science 80)
De Beer, Jeremy Dramatic Arts 87; English 87; LO 89; Maths 85; Music 89
Dicks, Bradley Geography 86; IT 80; LO 91; Maths 84; Phys Science 84
Griffiths, Dylan  English 82; History 86; LO 83; Maths 88; Phys Science 82
Grinyer, Cameron Geography 88; LO 86; Life Sciences 81; Maths 89; Phys Science 85
Hudson, Peter English 83; Geography 91; LO 83; Life Sciences 84; Maths 86)
Missio, Luca EGD 95; LO 82; Life Science 81; Maths 88; Phys Science 85)
van der Merwe, Francois Afrikaans FAL 87; LO 90; Life Science 81; Maths 86; Phys Science 83

4 Distinctions

Butler, Matthew  EGD 92; History 81; LO 82; Maths 86)
Lundall, Myles LO 82; Life Sciences 80; Maths 88; Phys Science 84)
Maarschalk, Jeremy EGD 97; LO 81; Maths 88; Phys Science 82)
Van Heusden, Matthew Afrikaans FAL 82; EGD 98; Maths 89; Phys Science 83)
Van Vuuren, Luke Geography 80; LO 80; Maths 82; Phys Science 81)

3 Distinctions

Foss, Keegan  History 83; LO 85; Maths Lit 87
Heunis, Jonathan EGD 92; Life Sciences 81; Maths 84
Heycocks, Connor Dramatic Art 80; History 80; LO 80
Malakoana, Morena Dramatic Art 86; EGD 92; isiZulu FAL 93
Naicker, Cameron Accounting 83; LO 81; Maths 83
Patton, Benjamin Geography 85; History 84; LO 84
Sewbaran, Shikhar EGD 97; LO 80; Maths 90
Shepherd, Nathan EGD 96; Maths 83; Phys Science 82
Stromnes, James LO 83; Maths 90; Phys Science 82
Tedder, Stephen LO 90; Maths 89; Phys Science 81

These fantastic academic results round off a great year for Kearsney College. We congratulate the Class of 2014, their parents and their teachers for their immense contribution to the College.