Culture@Kearsney is an exciting annual programme designed to celebrate the arts and promote cultural appreciation among the youth in KwaZulu-Natal.

Updates to 2020 calendar

Regrettably some changes have had to be made to our calendar due to the closure of schools following the declaration on 15 March by the President of a national disaster in South Africa as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Photography competition – “Documenting our lives” 

The deadline for submissions been extended to 02 June 2020. This competition is open to primary and high schools.

We invite aspiring photographers to submit their entries Please see documents regarding the competition on the “Photo competition” tab below.


Words@Kearsney – “These things need to be said”

This will no longer be a live presentation on 02 June, but rather written submissions with the deadline being 15 June 2020. Please see further detail on the “Words” tab below.


Drama@Kearsney: cancelled


Andrea Fripp, Director of Clubs and Culture at Kearsney College. Call 031 765 9600 or email

Kearsney College will host all of the events and sponsorship to assist us in making this initiative a success would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact our Foundation Director to explore sponsorship opportunities. Call 031 765 9600 or email.

The competition is open to any high school and senior primary school pupil. The entry date has been extended to 02 June due to the national lockdown and closure of schools.

All the details are in these documents:



Be a part of this visual experience!

See winners in various categories in 2019 below.

The format of Words@Kearsney has been changed from a live presentation to a written submission in light of school closures. The deadline is 15 June 2020.

Please see full details.

For enquiries please email

Regrettably this event has been cancelled due to closure of schools in the national lockdown.

For enquiries please contact

The 2020 Dance@Kearsney event will take place from 03 to 05 August.

For enquiries please email

2019 Culture@Kearsney Photographic Competition category winners

Category 1:
South African Culture

1st: Phillip van der Hoven (Michaelhouse)
Beating Drum

2nd: Thomas C van der Hoven (Michaelhouse)
Khan on His Guitar

3rd: Luc Nazar (Kearsney College)

Category 2:
Environmental portrait

1st: Thomas C van der Hoven (Michaelhouse)
Chop Chop

2nd: Jayde Gray (St Mary’s DSG)
A Passion for Dance

3rd: Christopher Deufel (Westville Boys High)
The Middle of Nowhere

Category 3:
Photo Journalism
3 images per entry

1st: Kayla Horne (St John’s DSG)
Late Night Out City Lights

2nd: Jayde Gray (St Mary’s DSG)
Struggle for Survival

3rd: Thomas C van der Hoven (Michaelhouse)

Category 4:

1st: Clara Esterhuizen (Hillcrest High)
1920s Pizzazz

2nd: Thomas C van der Hoven (Michaelhouse)
Girl in the Autumn Leaves

3rd: Sekwanele Gcaba (St Mary’s DSG)
Colour Concept

Category 5:

1st: Skye Meaker (Clifton College)

2nd: De Wet du Rand
Westville Boys High

3rd: Skye Meaker (Clifton College)