IEB Results 2017

Excellent Matric Results for Kearsney’s Class of 2017

We are delighted to report the results of the 2017 IEB November Examinations. The Class of 2017 have achieved an impressive set of results and enhanced Kearsney’s reputation for academic excellence. Through their hard work, dedication and discipline throughout the year they have made themselves, their families and their school proud. Congratulations boys.

A 100% pass rate and a remarkable 98% Bachelor Degree (University Exemption) pass rate was achieved by the Class of 2017, with three of the Class receiving Diploma passes.

Kearsney’s excellence in Mathematics and Physical Sciences was reaffirmed, with an incredible 49of those who wrote Mathematics and 37,3of those who wrote Physical Sciences achieving a distinction. This compares to the IEB distinction rate of 26,5% for Maths and 17% for Physical Sciences for all IEB schools in the country. This is the seventh year in a row that Kearsney’s Mathematics distinction rate has been around double the IEB distinction rate for Mathematics and at least double the IEB distinction rate for Physical Sciences. We are pleased that this excellence is broad-based, with two thirds of both Mathematics and Physical Sciences candidates achieving either an A or a B. The average mark for the Class was an incredible 75,5% for Mathematics and 72,8% for Physical Sciences. Two boys placed in the top 1% in the country for Mathematics and 3 boys came in the top 1% in the country for Physical Sciences.

Given the importance of these subjects for expanding study and career options, these outstanding results will undoubtedly stand our pupils in good stead and give them an advantage in a very competitive world.

These results reinforce the recent endorsements received by the College for our Mathematics and Science Excellence Programme: three pupils placing in the top 1% of Grade 11 candidates in the country in the IeBT benchmarking test for Mathematics (Kearsney was the only independent boys’ school in the country to have three boys in the top 1%); and the Certificate of Excellence awarded to Kearsney by the University of Pretoria in November, for placing in the Top 16 of all schools in South Africa in Mathematics and Physical Sciences results in the final 2016 NSC examinations.

The 128 Kearsney boys who wrote Matric achieved an impressive 275 distinctions between them – an average of 2,14 distinctions per pupil. One pupil achieved 8 distinctions, 4 pupils achieved 7 distinctions and 7 pupils achieved 6 distinctions. Over a fifth of our boys achieved four or more distinctions and thirty-one percent of the boys achieved three or more distinctions.

We are pleased that the academic excellence that we have collectively strived for extends to all the subjects that we offer. Notable achievements were recorded across the board, including subject averages of 74,4% for Accounting, 79,9% for Engineering Graphics and Design, 76,4% for History, 76,7% for isiZulu, 78% for Drama and 75,7% for Music.

Academics is Kearsney’s number one priority and Kearsney enjoys an enviable reputation for academic excellence. Kearsney boys are immersed in an academically rigorous environment from day one and are inspired to achieve academically. They quickly adopt a wonderfully positive work ethic and develop academic ambition during their time at the College. This culture of academic striving, in a disciplined environment, supported by our highly qualified, professional and dedicated teachers, empowers the boys to reach their potential and we acknowledge the important role that so many people play in making this possible.

Some Kearsney highlights:

  • 97,66% Bachelor Degree (Matric exemption) pass (vs Bachelor Degree pass rate for all IEB schools of 88,50%);
  • 100% pass rate;
  • 49 % of Mathematics boys achieved distinctions (IEB schools’ distinction rate: 26,5%); Two boys placed in the top 1% in the country;
  • 37,3% of Physical Sciences boys achieved distinctions (IEB schools’ distinction rate: 17%). Three boys in the top 1% in SA. 52% of the Kearsney boys wrote Physical Sciences;
  • Seventh consecutive year that Kearsney’s Maths and Science distinction rates have been approx. double those of the IEB;
  • 34,3% of Accounting candidates achieved distinctions (IEB schools’ distinction rate: 24,7%);
  • 51,9% of History candidates achieved distinctions (IEB schools’ distinction rate: 22,1%). Two boys placed in top 1% in SA. 46,7% of Drama candidates achieved distinctions;
  • 58,8% of isiZulu candidates achieved distinctions (IEB schools’ distinction rate: 41,2%);
  • 60% of Engineering Graphics and Design boys achieved distinctions (IEB schools’ distinction rate: 28,4%). Two boys in the top 10 in SA;
  • More than a fifth of the boys achieved 4 or more distinctions;
  • 275 Distinctions at an average of 2,14 distinctions per boy.

Summary: Kearsney 2017 IEB NSC Results

Bachelor’s Degree Pass: 125/128 (97,66% Bachelor’s Degree Pass / University Exemption)

Diploma Pass: 3

Number of Subject Distinctions: 275 (2,14 distinctions per candidates)

* BOLD = Top 1% of IEB candidates per subject.

3 or more subject distinctions:

8 Distinctions

Comrie, David Accounting 92, Afrikaans FAL 86, EGD 100, English HL 81, LO 88, Maths 98, Phys Sciences 93, AP Maths 82

7 Distinctions

Engelen, Calvin Accounting 88, Afrikaans FAL 87, Drama 91, English HL 80, LO 89, Mathematics 94, Phys Sciences 89
Ferri, Dominic Accounting 88, Afrikaans FAL 80, English HL 82, History 93, LO 85, Mathematics 95, Phys Sciences 93
D’Eramo, Bradley Accounting 89, Afrikaans FAL 84, English HL 81, LO 89, Life Sciences 84, Mathematics 93, Phys Sciences 92
Veltman, Alexander Accounting 88, English HL 82, IT 95, LO 84, Mathematics 99Physical Sciences 95, AP Maths 88

6 Distinctions

Ferri, Luca Accounting 92, English HL 82, History 91, LO 83, Mathematics 95, Phys Sciences 92
Tshabalala, Ntinga Drama 86, isiZulu FAL 86, LO 85, Life Sciences 82, Mathematics 88, Phys Sciences 92
De Beer, Nicholas Afrikaans FAL 83, Geography 90, LO 83, Life Sciences 90, Mathematics 90, Phys Sciences 89
Loubser, Emil Afrikaans FAL 91, English HL 85, History 83, LO 88, Mathematics 82, Music 89
McConnell, Robert EGD 91, English HL 84, LO 84, Life Sciences 84, Mathematics 90, Phys Sciences 82
Pitcher, Matthew English HL 80, Geography 89, LO 88, Life Sciences 81, Mathematics 85, Phys Sciences 85
Young, James English HL 80, History 89, LO 81, Life Sciences 80, Mathematics 90, Phys Sciences 88

5 Distinctions

Parsons, Ross Accounting 87, Geography 89, LO 80, Mathematics 91, Phys Sciences 92
Bophela, Kuhle Accounting 83, EGD 97, isiZulu FAL 81, Mathematics 88, Phys Sciences 80
Koenig, Kyle Drama 91, English HL 83, Geography 83, History 84, LO 82
Piché, Aston EGD 96, IT 82, LO 83, Mathematics 91, Phys Sciences 83
Albertse, Brendan Afrikaans FAL 87, Geography 84, History 86, LO 81, Mathematics 85
Carmichael, Blaise Accounting 80, Geography 85, LO 82, Mathematics 90, Phys Sciences 87
Sander, Grant Business Studies 82, LO 86, Life Sciences 80, Mathematics 83, Phys Sciences 81

4 Distinctions

Taylor, Daniel Geography 83, Life Sciences 82, Mathematics 93, Phys Sciences 88
Hudson, Sam Drama 87, English HL 80, History 87, Mathematics 89
De Vlieg, Luke Geography 84, LO 83, Mathematics 83, Phys Sciences 81
Campbell, Stuart Afrikaans FAL 82, History 81, Mathematical Literacy 89, Music 84
Kenny, James Accounting 84, Geography 85, Mathematics 84, Phys Sciences 82
Smith, James Drama 85, English HL 80, History 86, Mathematical Literacy 91
Heron, James Drama 82, EGD 81, History 80, Mathematical Literacy 90
Wood, Tyron Accounting 82, IT 81, Mathematics 85, Phys Sciences 80
Robertson, Bradley Accounting 80, Geography 86, Mathematics 80, Phys Sciences 81

3 Distinctions

Beningfield, Nicholas IT 92, Mathematics 94, Phys Sciences 92
Linda, Wandile Drama 90, English HL 84, isiZulu FAL 93
Traill, Lewis EGD 94, History 89, Mathematics 87
Hart, Thomas Afrikaans FAL 80, LO 83, Mathematics 81
Sutherland, James Business Studies 80, Geography 80, History 81
Mazwai, Nkosinathi Drama 90, English HL 80, History 82
Dlamini, Zamani History 80, isiZulu FAL 83, Mathematical Literacy 85 Cele, Clint  isiZulu FAL 89, Maths 86, Phys Sciences 83
Maarschalk, Sean IT 84, Mathematics 89, Phys Sciences 85
Hurley, Michael Drama 80, History 80, Mathematics 81
Gaughran, Ross Geography 82, History 84, Mathematical Literacy 89
Cherry, Daniel EGD 82, LO 81, Mathematical Literacy 87

These fantastic academic results round off a great year for Kearsney College. We congratulate the Class of 2017, their parents and their teachers for the tremendous effort they have put in over their years and for making their mark on Kearsney College.