Inspiring Scientists and Engineers at Kearsney

The UK-based Bloodhound SSC Project is currently developing a jet and rocket powered car which will attempt to break the world land speed record in the Northern Cape later this year. On 23 and 24 April boys at Kearsney were privileged to be the first school in South Africa to hear about it first hand and to build their own mini rocket vehicles. The visit links in with Kearsney’s Maths and Science Excellence programme and effort to expose our boys to various science, technology, engineering and mathematics applications. After a presentation regarding the project to the school, eight cars were timed on the tennis courts to find the fastest car built by the boys.

Read all about the project to design a car to break the land speed record at Haksteenpan while at the same time inspiring the next generation of Scientists, Mathematicians and Engineers with this iconic project.

Written on 27 April 2015