Online Learning

Getting started

1) Download Microsoft Office 365 apps

Essential applications required: Outlook, SharePoint, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams. Other apps may be called for by your teachers.

How to…

…download the required Microsoft Office apps and login with Kearsney credentials on:

i) laptop/pc

ii) Android devices

iii) Apple devices

Important – to sign in: To sign in to any of the Microsoft Office applications, type in your Kearsney computer login (username) you usually use to login to computers on campus, but, as you are logging into Microsoft remotely, you must add “” after your normal username.

The password is the same as you would use on the Kearsney network at school.

All users (video): Using Microsoft 365 on various devices

Microsoft Office 365 on iPhones and iPads

Microsoft Office 365 on Android phones and tablets

Getting started

2) Getting onto the online learning platform

How to…

The video below is a step-by-step introduction for Kearsney boys to get started with the online learning platform (SharePoint). This will certainly answer all your questions about accessing the Kearsney online learning platform through a web browser.

How to access the Kearsney online learning platform (SharePoint) via a web browser and introduction (link to pdf with summarised text version of above video).

Technical support

PLEASE DON’T STRESS – if you have any difficulty just email or phone the switchboard on 
031 765 9600.


Kearsney Online learning platform