The Wellness Programme

The Essence of Wellness at Kearsney College


As a school, we value the life-long health and well-being of our boys. A broad-based, integrated approach provides the ESSENCE of Wellness at Kearsney.

A Wellness Committee meets quarterly to plan and monitor all the elements of the programme. The committee is chaired by Dr Glen Hagemann.

The objectives of the programme are to:

• increase pupils’ capacity to learn;

• improve emotional well-being and self esteem;

• instil lifelong habits to prevent the onset of chronic disease;

• improve sporting performance and enjoyment therein;

• implement sports injury prevention programme;

• manage a high performance programme for sportsmen.


The environment encompasses physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of Wellness.
Staff, facilities (academic, sporting, dining and boarding, conservancy and mountain bike track), Christian-based values, attitudes/culture, honour code, and the inclusion programme are some of the factors comprising the environment. The sanatorium sisters and physiotherapists on campus take care of the physical health of the boys. An effective learning environment is enhanced by the location of the campus, on 52 hectares in a safe and secure country environment.


Kearsney provides a dynamic environment to promote sportsmanship and healthy competition for all.This includes promoting a culture of fair play and respect; encouraging mass participation; a code of conduct for on-field behaviour; encouraging moderation of expectations; promoting encouragement for team members and promoting social, health and community benefits. Since 2010 Kearsney has been a member of the SharkSmart School of Excellence.

Sporting Excellence

This aspect includes a talent identification and assessment strategy and the High Performance Programme with individualised programmes for conditioning; sports psychology, sports nutrition, integrated sports injury management, coaching clinics, video analysis, professional consultants and tours and sports festivals.


Health promotion and health guidelines, e.g. importance of nutrition, supplements policy and concussion monitoring, are provided through the Life Orientation and tutorship programmes, regular newsletters and the Kearsney intranet. A combination of programmes exists to create awareness of long-term health and importance of adopting responsible behaviour towards stress management, substance abuse, sex, etc. The Concerned Parents’ coalition is an important aspect of this programme.


Nutrition is a factor that plays a role in the health and performance of an individual. Aspects include catering, dietary assessment, nutritional recommendations, presentations, literature and research by nutritionalists. Information is shared with staff/coaches and with boys through the Life Orientation programme.


Emphasising ethics, team-work, spirituality, resilience, self-belief, morals, values, tolerance, responsibility and and relationships. The Honour Code, which was created by the boys and to which all Kearsney boys subscribe, and the tutorship and mentorship programmes, contribute to this element of wellness. The Grade 11 Leadership Course includes a comprehensive Ethics Programme. Other programmes include SCA, house fellowship and the leadership programme.

Enjoy and Encourage

Fun, adventure and camaraderie are key aspect of wellness. A wide range of activities are provided for the boys to be involved in, enjoy and excel at. Important outcomes are social development, self esteem, pride, respect, spirit and brotherhood.