A Tribute to Graham Samuel Boyd

We celebrate the life of

Graham Samuel Boyd

Kearsney College 1937 – 1940

In gratitude Graham Samuel Boyd is acknowledged on the

Kearsney Legacy Society Honours Board

in the Sir Liege Hulett Room for remembering Kearsney in his Will.

His philanthropy contributes to the betterment of the world

through his support of the work of Kearsney College.

Roll of Honour

Graham Samuel Boyd, who came to Kearsney in February 1937 and left in December 1940 has been reported missing from an operational flight near Dakar on the West African Coast.

Further information has reached his parents that the plane Graham was piloting received a full burst from a submarine and that next day a submarine near the same spot was sunk by another plane. In view of these facts we cannot but presume that this magnificent young airman has given his life in defence of his country.

Few Kearsney boys have left a finer record on the sports field than did Graham Boyd. He was a member of the 1st XI for four years and was a member of the 1940 Natal XI for the Nuffield Tournament. He was an outstanding forward in the rugby XV and won an honours cap. He was marksman and a splendid tennis player and with it all went natural modesty that endeared him to everyone – to the small fry in particular, who recognised in him a senior boy who did not look down upon them, but did all in his power to give them a helping hand.

As a Flight Lieutenant, this same gift for sympathy made him one of the most popular that he was makred for rapid promotion.

Only last October,Captain Fox, the parent of one of our juniors, told us how Graham had piloted the plane that had sunk a submarine close to the spot where his vessel had been torpedoed only two days previously.

Kearsney has lost in the Air Force some of its finest and best Old Boys and far from the least of these we count Graham Boyd South Africa has lost yet another of the type that she can ill afford to lose. A clean, honest sportsman, with a real love of his fellow man, a mixer in the best sense of the word.

To his family we offer our heartfelt sympathy, knowing as we do what a gap his passing will make in that exptionally united family.

At every gathering of Old Boys Graham will be remembered with love and affection.

Extract from the 1943 Chronicle