A Tribute to JH Hopkins

We celebrate the life of

J.H Hopkins

Kearsney College Headmaster 1964 – 1975

In gratitude J.H Hopkins is acknowledged on the

Kearsney Legacy Society Honours Board

in the Sir Liege Hulett Room for remembering Kearsney in his Will.

His philanthropy contributes to the betterment of the world

through his support of the work of Kearsney College.

After a brilliant school, university and army career, Jimmy elected to return to his old school when many other opportunities must have been available to him. This fact alone has shown his complete dedication to, and love for Kearsney. He has always been extremely approachable. His vital interest in people and the sympathetic manner in which he has always received any approach from a parent or boy has earned him, and the school, high esteem and immense popularity. His courtesy and friendliness, which are so self-evident, are a reflection in the school, and I know that the courtesy and good manners of the boys, which are so favourably commented upon, are due to his own fine example.

His leadership and foresight in creating an environment and the opportunity to allow every boy, regardless of his inherent ability, to develop his own talents in all spheres of college life, can be seen throughout the school.

One could go on and on, but I would be failing in my duty if I did not mention his charming wife, Val. I am sure Jimmy would be the first to acknowledge the unstinting and unfailing support she has given him during their time at Kearsney together. What has endeared her to us has been the wonderful hospitality and friendship so generously extended to everyone, the charm with which she has graced our events, her cheerfulness and quiet sense of humour.

Inevitably as it is, it is not easy to accept that an era is over, that Kearsney will be without Jimmy and Val Hopkins. We can however, be grateful that Kearsney and our sons have been so well served and we acknowledge our indebtedness to them and thank them most sincerely. Graeme Shuker (Finningley 1948; Chronicle 1975)