A Tribute to RH & Dorothy Matterson

We celebrate the life of

RH and Dorothy Matterson

Headmaster at Kearsney College 1923 -1946

In gratitude RH and Dorothy Matterson is acknowledged on the

Kearsney Legacy Society Honours Board

in the Sir Liege Hulett Room for remembering Kearsney in their Will.

His philanthropy contributes to the betterment of the world

through his support of the work of Kearsney College.

“The attributes which made the RH Matterson’s years at Kearsney so meritorious are humanity, loyalty and high devotion. He was approachable, always ready to see the best in others and always available to encourage, guide and advise. Loyal to his College and calling and devoted to his staff and scholars alike. As the Head of the New Kearsney at Botha’s Hill he has laid the foundations of an educational centre which cannot help but rise to the full stature of the greatness which he has always visualised and worked for, and in large measure had the joy of attaining. In common with past and present students and members of the staff, the Board salute 24 years of great endeavour and achievement. WJ Williams, Chairman (1946 Chronicle)

To staff and boys alike, Mr Matterson has been a great friend. No other staff can have had as Head one who has been so considerate of them and so heedless of himself. He has never used his position to make things easier for himself at the expense of any of his colleagues, though there have been many times when he might rightly have done so. It has meant a vast amount of work but it has all been done in such a humble and unselfish way. Mr Matterson was a great lover of humanity, he helped many over difficulties both serious and trivial.

In all his work at Kearsney Mr Matterson has always had the devoted assistance of his wife, though her help has been given very much behind the scenes, and she has never sought even a corner of the limelight. He and the School have been fortunate in having her as the unpaid secretary, and the Head has frequently acknowledged that without her aid he could not have got through all the work.

We thank them for all that they have done for us as individuals and for the School as a whole.” Tribute from the Staff (Chronicle 1946)