A Tribute to Pam Foster

This was written by Charles Foster (Head Prefect 1970, Finningley). Third son to Pam and Frank Foster

“Pamela Foster was born in 1925, in Eshowe, KZN and spent her early years in n’Yoni, just north of the Tugela River. Her father farmed in the area. Pam was sent off to boarding school at an early age to St Anne’s with her sister Gerry.

Shortly after WWII, she was married to Frank Foster, a returned soldier, and employee of Huletts.

So there were always strong Zululand links, plus the Hulett connection, on top of which Pam and Frank were great friends of the Shuker family on the North Coast.

The bottom line is that all three sons, Patrick, Derek and Charles, were high-schooled at Kearsney, plus grandson David Kempe, son of Melanie. 

The exact circumstances and motivation of the benefaction are not known, but a very long and happy association with Kearsney and a desire to see it grow and blossom further, seem most likely to have had a lot to do with it.” 

This was written by Dr Graeme Shuker.

Pam was the eldest daughter of Pat and Florrie Fraser who were cotton farming at Ntambanana in Zululand when Pam was born. When Pam and Geraldine, her sister were about 4 and 2, the Frasers move to Amatikulu when Pat had been appointed the General Manager of Sir J.L. Hulett & Sons sugar cane estates in Zululand. My mother  a school teacher  lived with the Frasers at Ntambanana as a companion to Florrie Fraser who was in very poor health  suffering from a severe asthma condition.  She moved with them to Amati ulu where she met and married my father  The Frasers and Shukers became lifelong friends. The Shuker’s son Graeme attended Kearsney College in the 1940’s and probably because of the  long association of the two families the three Foster boys went to Kearsney.