Kearsney College Culture 2015. - page 11

hotography is just as artistic as any other medium.
It does not matter whether you photograph it or
paint it: if it contains emotion it is art. A photographer,
depicting the world around him, interprets a scene
by reducing it to a single decisive moment.The art of
photography is immediate and accessible to anyone who has
a camera, no matter the type, capability, size or cost of the camera.
The aim of this photographic competition is to develop the medium
of photography as medium of artistic expression.Whether the
photographer simply holds the camera and snaps a few pics or takes
the time to compose the correct shot with the correct lighting, with the
correct . . . . . photography is art.
“Photography is an influential and powerful
tool that creative and enquiring minds use
to interpret, interact with and express, the
world around them, the human condition
and the expression of nature in all its
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