Kearsney College Culture 2015. - page 7

and the premium once placed on
untainted fun has disappeared.We
live in a world that is increasingly
competitive, where our children
are taught from a young age to
benchmark themselves against their
peers to the point where activities
devoid of competition have
become irrelevant to them.
We at Kearsney are offering the
opportunity to be the catalyst
that will spur the revival of cultural
appreciation in all schools.
Culture@Kearsney aims to provide
schools with a platform that will
showcase the talents of our pupils
– whilst allowing these children
the opportunity to benchmark
themselves against others.
We advocate healthy participation
in festivals, as opposed to endless
judging that produces winners and
losers, for, in the words of Ayn Rand,
“A creative man is motivated by the
desire to achieve, not by the desire
to beat others."
Kearsney is providing the platform
needed to showcase the talent that
abounds in all of our schools, but
without the enthusiasm and, more
importantly, the involvement of
the community we cannot make a
success of this initiative. I sincerely
hope that you will be inspired
with ideas as to how you can get
involved.This is something we want
to see grow. It is something we
want to see the community get
excited about, to be enthralled by
the talent of our youth again and
to draw together, once again in
celebration of arts and culture.
We want our community to be enthralled
by the talents of our youth again and we
want to draw our communities together
through arts and culture.
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