Notable Alumni


Douglas Livingstone (1949) World renown poet and author
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Mr John Pampallis (1966) Special advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Doctor of Education
Prof David Hall (1952) Leader in alternative energy of the University of London
Ian MacGregor (1952) Director of Smithsonian, Canadian Geological Survey
Prof John Simpson (1960) Head of School of Business Cape Town University
Dr Pat Ryan (1955) Geologist to discover the biggest mineral deposit in SA

Artists & Entertainer

Alan (Mandell) Dell (1941) Grammy winning Broadcaster
Kendrew Lascelles (1951) Author, film writer and producer
Kevin Harris (1967) Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker
Peter Pharoah (1986) Fine artist
Terence Reis (1980) 1980 Lead guitarist of Dire Straits
Robin Townshend (1960) Natal Landscaped artist in oils and watercolour


Richard Barrow (1975) Owner and Chair of Barrows Group
Luke Bailes (1973) Owner of Singita Game Reserves
Leif Gjestland (1950) Businessman and Philanthropist
John. S. Lacey (1960) Chairman,  Brookfield Private Equity Funds
Anthony (Tony) R. Melman (1964) Top Canadian Businessman and Philanthropist
Andile Mazwai (1989) Past CEO of Barnard Jacobs Mellet
John Perkins (1964) Former CEO of Truflo International UK & NED of MRC Global Inc, a Fortune 500 Company
Gordon Schachat (1969) Businessman and Philanthropist
Captain Nick Sloane (1978) Senior salvage master
Peter Simkins (1954) Past senior partner of law firm Deneys Reitz
A.B. Theunissen (1931) CEO of VW South Africa and of Total Oil SA.


Graham Clarke (1975) Quadriplegic who developed eye/voice technology
Paul Whiley (1985) Honoris Crux Gold decoration medal for saving 360 people
Matt Moffatt (2003) Swam at Transplant Olympics (Heart Transplant)
Nkululeka (Skweegee) Skweyiya (1986) Campaigner for equal rights in sports
Keith Lewis (1956) Drowned in vain trying to save a life of a man clinging to a tree


John Couper (1942) Anesthesiologist
Dr Colin Ditcott (1941-1945) Invented the Self-Expanding Stent or the Didcott Dilator
Prof Henry J Markram (1980) Founder of the Brain Mind Institute
Dr Jonathan Pons (1980) Ophthalmologist and runs Good Shepherd Hospital
Prof Nigel Stott (1957) Awarded the CBE for Services to Medicine
Prof Michael Hall (1953) UCLA Medical Centre and Philanthropist
Prof Martin Shelton (1949) Professor of Gynaecology UCT
Dr Halley Stott (1927) Founder of the Valley Trust


Tony Leon (1974) Founder of the Democratic Alliance
Sir Ian McLeod (1942) Chairman of the party conference for Margaret Thatcher


Rev Dr Edgar Wilkinson (1927) President of the conference of the Methodist church SA.


International Sportsmen Honours Board
John Alcock (1973) First Olympic medal – Paraplegic Olympics
Chad Bowes (2010) SA U19 World Cup Cricket Captain
Bradley Barritt (2004) Sharks and English rugby player
Etienne Fynn (2000) Springbok rugby player
Trevor Halstead (1994) Springbok rugby player
Andrew Hudson (1982) Springbok Cricket Player
Justin King (1993) Springbok hockey player
Jonathan Low First Hockey Springbok
Harry Newton Walker (1945) Kearsney’s first Springbok rugby player
Damien Roberts (1995) World ranked singles and doubles player (1994)
Matt Stevens (2001) Shark and English rugby player
Mike Miller (1955) Springbok polo player
Wayne Madsen (2001) Springbok hockey player
Richard van der Schyff (1988) Springbok water polo captain
Peter van der Schyff (1985) Springbok water polo player
Wayne Delboux (1991) Springbok water polo player
Bevan Manson (1995) Springbok water polo player
Julian Lewis (2013) Springbok water polo player
Martin Jollands (1971) Springbok water polo player
Myles Brown (2010) Rio Olympic Games – Swimming
Nqobile Ntuli (2014) Springbok Hockey
Mpumi Mhlongo (2012) Rio Paralympic – Field Events
James Reid (2010) Rio Olympic Games – Cycling