A Tribute to Les Johnston

Gillingham 1960


Les Johnston passed away in December 2015 after contracting ALS (Motor Neuron Disease)

After he left Kearsney he qualified in Chemical Engineering at Natal University and worked for some years for Lever Bros in Durban.

He married Ingrid Seaton and they emigrated to Canada in 1971. There, he worked for Lever Bros in Toronto before moving to Edmonton in 1976, where he focused more on environmental issues which led him to a senior position in Edmonton Power. His work involved the impact of modern developments on the environment, especially with regard to the impact of coal-fired power stations on air pollution.

Les was a great walker and spent much of his spare time in the Rocky Mountains in the area around Canmore and reached the top of many of the peaks in that area. He was well known for his intrepid spirit in the mountains.

Les is survived by his wife, two daughters and four grandchildren.