A Tribute to Frank Porrill

Tribute to my father, Frank (Francis) Porrill

Frank Porrill passed away on 25 October 2016 as a result of heart malfunction. He leaves his wife of 55 years, Verity, 3 children, Jayne, David and Bruce and 5 grandchildren. He had recently retired to Durbanville in the Western Cape where he rekindled a love for gardening, woodwork and cooking while spending many hours exploring the possibilities on his computer.

At his memorial celebration he was remembered as having his family as his first priority and great love. His two sons also attended Kearsney and inherited his great ability to fix anything and everything. They took his wise teachings very much to heart. His daughter inherited his vociferous and gregarious nature and his perpetual passion for trying out new experiences or gaining deeper levels of understanding. He was also remembered as having a very deep love and compassion for his wife – he never said a bad word about her. To the end of his days he took great pride in providing for her and caring for her every need. She has  many fond memories to cherish. His unique sense of humour still brings smiles to his grandchildren and memories of many a potentially awkward situation saved by his perception.

Along with his deep personal faith, he always remained true to the Kearsney memory and can honestly be described as somebody who lived up to the motto of Carpe Diem. We will miss him and we remember him with great love. He is at a better place.

Jayne Seaman (Frank’s daughter)