Harold Groom

Class of 1947

31 December 1930 – 28 June 2015

Our fellow old boy Harold Groom was a stalwart supporter of kcob and especially the Kearsney survivors to the end. Harold finished school at Kearsney in 1947, almost 68 years ago.

He was an accomplished pilot with the South African air force, had a very long and happy career at old mutual.  He also served on the Cape Town chamber of commerce.

Harold was enjoying his retirement in Somerset west and between him and his family, decided that instead of moving out of his home of so many years, that he would rather have a lift installed in the house for ease of access between the floors.

Unfortunately during the building operations, Harold was severely affected by the cement dust that was ever present in the house, and his breathing deteriorated rapidly within a few weeks. He was eventually moved out of the house into a care centre but unfortunately the damage was done and he very sadly succumbed to this ailment in June this year at the age of 85.

I was very fortunate to attend his memorial service at Ysterplaat on the 25th of July where he was given an honourable send-off by his loving family, business and air force colleagues.

Harold groom was a great man and he shall be remembered with love by all who knew him.