Luke Norris

Kearsney College 2007 – 2011

Luke embodied everything that a Kearsney boy stands for.  His selflessness in the midst of his suffering was something to behold, the fact that he cared more for the people around him than his own well-being is truly awe inspiring. He was a role-model, a best friend and a brother to all at Kearsney.

Luke fully comprehended, accepted and even embraced his illness, to such an extent that right up until the day he died he lived his life on his own terms, to the fullest and with no regrets.  We are honoured and privileged to have been blessed enough to have spent five years at Kearsney with Luke.

I will be forever grateful for having known him as I did.  Nobody else crossed my mind when the time came to vote for the Edwin Henwood Trophy. We miss you Luke!

Declan Hearn