Quincy Jansen

11 December 1989 to 1 February 2015

We remember Quincy with incredible fondness.  His positive energy and love for life was contagious and we will always remember his wonderful stage presence as a choir member.  He went on from Kearsney to study psychology and worked at the Star Academy. While studying he coached various sports at schools and was successful at his promotions work.

He was introduced to the Star Academy through a friend and said that although it was a completely-by-chance introduction, his appointment there turned out to be the best opportunity ever. He wrote into Kearsney old boys to share his good fortune and said “I love the kids and getting to work with them on a daily basis. What I love most about the job is that it is like being a kid again while at the same time we are doing such an important job that changes lives. It is very fulfilling.”

Quincy sadly passed away from a heart attack after having completed a 42 km run.

He will be missed and always remembered.

Rest in Peace dear Quincy.