Santhan Govender

Kearsney College – Sheffield House 2003-2007

Santhan always had an incredible positive attitude. He always had a smile on his face and was always able to lift the mood no matter the situation which is something I will never forget about him. He was an extremely intelligent and determined man and at the same time was always able to remain humble and grounded. I will always remember my feeble attempts to engage in debate with Santhan and of course my failure thereof to win any of them. I will also remember the manner in which he won these rather one-sided debates as his manner was never smug but rather gracious and positive and left one feeling accepting and that they had just learnt something. Such is the benevolent nature of Govi.

Santhan had an unparalleled passion for his school and his friends which is a quality that all should strive for and apply to their lives as he did. The times that I saw Santhan after he was diagnosed will be etched in my memory throughout my life as a vivid reminder of true bravery. I say this because he never once lost his positive attitude, his smile or his passion, he never once asked for special attention or to be treated differently in any way, he remained unchanged and continued fighting and living as the same person he always was. He was somehow able to make you forget the gravity of his situation when you were in his presence which to me exemplifies true selflessness and bravery and will forever inspire me. Santhan you truly are Brave.

I will miss you and will never forget you. Rest peacefully my brother.

Gareth Shillaw

Sheffield 2007