Lloyd Edy

Lloyd (left) pictured with his brother Dylan (2000)

Kearsney College – Pembroke House 1995-1998

It is with much sadness that we remember Lloyd Edy who died on 25 August 2012 after a long suffering illness. He was a successful photographer in Cape Town.

“Lloyd was a soft, gentle and kind soul. He will be missed.” Nick Keary Sheffield (1998)

I was never the most popular guy at school. That did not deter Lloyd from befriending me in a massive way. He always radiated an air of non-judgment and an open heart to anyone who interacted with him. This is the most special memory that I have of you. This act of complete giving is what Lloyd was all about. To use the old cliché, he had a massive heart, is an understatement. To be honest, any words that I have to describe him would just be too small to encompass what a genuine and amazing man he was. Thank you Lloyd for everything you brought to my life, both then and recently. There are many people in his life that I do not know, but I am absolutely certain that they would appreciate how you have touched their lives as well. One of the themes of the many messages that were posted on his wall were, „a beautiful man.‟ I saw that back at high school and it makes me smile when I think that they were privileged to experience that beauty. From the entire class of 1998, you will be missed Lloyd. We hope you have now found peace after your suffering and we thank you for your friendship, your laughter and the way that you touched our lives. May peace be with you my friend!

Alan McCabe Sheffield (1998)