International Exchange

The international exchange programme offers boys an exciting opportunity to broaden their horizons. Even for Kearsney boys who do not go on exchange, they have incoming exchange students to meet and get to know, thus allowing boys a chance to gain an underrstanding of boys from different backgrounds.

Kearsney College encourages students to participate in international exchanges to enable them to:

  • gain first-hand insight into other cultures in order to develop tolerance, understanding and respect for alternative ways of life and different values;
  • improve their foreign language skills through practical use of the language in a native speaking country;
  • widen their perspective and social experience;
  • gain experience as a host to an overseas visitor both at home and at school.

Students considering an exchange should keep in mind that they would be ambassadors for their country, their family and their school. Their behaviour and attitude should take this into account.

Kearsney selects reliable and well-motivated students who will make a good contribution to the programme. In selecting students to participate in an exchange, the College considers: age and maturity; behavioural characteristics; medical or health background or other specials needs; and ability to embrace change and diversity.

The video below was made by one of the boys one exchange in Ireland in 2018.

2019 Outgoing Kearsney Exchange students

Currently our partner schools include:

Catholic University School, Dublin, Ireland; Christchurch Grammar School in Perth, Australia; Boulder High School, Colorado, USA; The Stots College and Waverley College in Sydney and Mount St Mary’s College in the UK.

Boys have exchanged with and we have hosted visitors from other schools in other countries.

2019 proved to be hugely beneficial for the boys who took part in the International Exchange Programme. At the Outgoing Report Back Evening, in February 2020, the boys outlined their experiences and the life lessons learnt to their parents and teachers. 

In 2019 and early 2020, our partner schools sent us positive messages about our boys:

Tyga Pollock, Luc Nazar, Joshua Groom : Waverley College in Sydney

Mr Stephen O’Donnell, Director of Co-curricular at Waverley College had this to say about the boys:

‘The three Kearsney boys represented their school with distinction and were a pleasure to have. Whilst they all mentioned that the discipline at Waverley was not as strong as Kearsney, they all gained a fantastic global experience. The boys certainly saw much of our beautiful city and enjoyed lunch with the College principal at the North Bondi RSL overlooking the iconic Bondi Beach. A broad experience in and out of the classroom was obtained and Waverley would love to see these fine young men back soon.’

Louis Nel, Katlego Phetla and Luke Robertson : Mount St Mary’s College, Sheffield, England

Mr Dylan Campbell, Kearsney Old Boy, and exchange coordinator at Mount St Mary’s spoke fondly of the boys:
“It was an honour to have the Kearsney boys join him at The Mount. It makes him so proud to be a Kearsney Old Boy. “

Michael Tainton: Christchurch Grammar School in Perth

Mr Neil Saggers, the exchange coordinator at Christchurch Grammar School had this to say:

“Michael impressed us all with his affable nature and his positive approach to all CCGS learning opportunities. He has really made the most of all the exchange placement has to offer and can take a lot from his developing resilience and quiet confidence.”

Ethan Barrett and Matthew Pender-Smith: The Scots College in Sydney

The exchange coordinator, Brett Cranfield, had this to say:

From my point of view both Matt and Ethan were outstanding. They were both boarders so they really immersed themselves in the College community. As usual they were both “overly polite”.  They are lovely boys and are a credit to Kearsney and their families.

Benjamin d’Avice, Oliver Fly and Heath Adams at the Catholic University School in Dublin, Ireland.

Mrs Carol Harrold, who works on administration and enrolments, including exchange placements at CUS, commented on the boys as follows:

“It was a real pleasure to have Oliver, Heath and Ben here with us at CUS. I know that their host families also enjoyed having the boys in their homes and any time they had to contact us in the office we remarked on their lovely manners and politeness – they are excellent ambassadors for Kearsney.”

We are so proud of all our exchange boys.