International Exchange

The international exchange programme has built on the success of previous years with no fewer than fourteen Grade 10 boys from Kearsney embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Although it has been a year of maintaining the fantastic and tireless work that Mr David Goldhawk had put into establishing the programme, it has also been a time to reassess international exchange in order to implement some changes. A decision has been made to send Kearsney boys out on exchange in the third term rather than the 4th starting from 2015. We are also looking to expand the programme to other countries and hope to include the USA and India as exchange destinations.

We have continued our long association with the Catholic University School with Cuan Crocker, Craig Barth and Daniel van Zyl travelling to Dublin and having the good fortune to visit Berlin as part of a school tour. Stuart McCleave is presently at Box Hill in Surrey, the area in which his father grew up. Four boys, Ryan Lewarne, David Weaver, Keiran Smith and Jared Meyer are making the most of their time at Rossall School in Lancashire where they have been called upon to play for the school’s rugby team among other things.

Another longstanding exchange relationship has seen Cameron Craze, Cameron Baker, Warren Driver and Christian Bamber travel to Canberra Grammar School where they have reported having a wonderful time.

Michael Whitehouse spent the third term at St Peter’s in Adelaide and has been happy to show his exchange partner, Zachary Standish around Kearsney College this term. Similarly, Thomas Oakley spent the third term at Kearsney, even participating in the leadership programme at Shongweni Dam and is currently playing host to Blake Tyack at Christ Church Grammar in Perth.

The year has proved to be one in which I have learnt the ropes, but the process has been made far easier by the professional and efficient manner in which the programme was run previously. The coming year promises to be an exciting one.

Mr Matt Saville (MiC: Foreign Exchange)