Spiritual Life

The beautiful Kearsney Chapel, and what it represents, forms the physical and spiritual heart of the College.

Kearsney College was founded by Sir Liege Hulett in 1921 and named after the Kearsney Abbey in the Kentish village near his ancestral home. Kearsney maintains close links with the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and retains a Methodist ethos, but has evolved into an inter-denominational community that welcomes boys of all faiths and from all backgrounds. We believe that the true purpose of life is found through faith in Jesus Christ. For this reason, it is our aim to present Christ to all at the College and to encourage them to become His followers.

A full time Chaplain, directs the spiritual programme of the College, which includes devotions each weekday, with a full Chapel service on Tuesday. The Student Christian Association meets every Thursday and the House Fellowship Group meetings are usually held once a week in the Houses.

The Chaplain also organises confirmation classes, School missions and holiday projects. Meetings and rallies are arranged from time to time with other schools as well.  Although Kearsney has a Methodist ethos, all denominations are welcome at the school. There are confirmation classes for Methodists, Anglicans and Roman Catholics. Members of other religions are sensitively treated within the Christian ethos of the school. Our hope is that boys will leave Kearsney with a secure Christian faith, committed to serving God and their fellow man within our country and the wider world.

Please click here to download the College’s Spiritual Policy