Choir Videos

Kearsney Choir ranked 12th in the world

Following Kearsney Choir’s world ranking by INTERKULTUR, the organisation posted a compilation of some of their performances at the World Choir Games from 2004 to 2014.

INTERKULTUR is the world’s leading organiser of international choir competitions and festivals. The ranking of the top 1000 choirs includes adult, professional and university choirs.

Kearsney is very proud of our choirboys and we look forward to their European tour. 

Kearsney Choir – Introduction: World Choir Games 2014

Kearsney Choir’s winning performance in the World Choir Games 2012, Folklore section

Kearsney Choir’s performance in the World Choir Games 2012, Music of the Religions section (Gold medal)

Kearsney College Choir perform Baba Yethu (USA 2012)

Kearsney College Choir perform their folklore program (Japan 2010)