Meet the Team

The College staff represent a balanced complement of experience and dynamism. Dedication, commitment, passion and expertise are qualities common to the teachers, coaches and administrative staff. The College is in a fortunate position to attract highly qualified and motivated staff when vacancies occur. Academic staff members have extensive experience with the Independent Examination Board examinations through their involvement as examiners, markers and moderators with 24 currently serving in one of these capacities. This contributes to academic excellence.


Mr E van den Aardweg – BA (Hons) HDE BEd

Head of Academics:

Mrs V Govender – BEd (Hons) – Mathematics


Mr M Albers: BCom HDE – HOD Accounting / IEB Sub-examiner Accounting P2
Mr B Steyn: BCom HDE – Accounting / Director of Rugby / IEB Senior or Sub-examiner Accounting P1


Mrs S Cairns: HDE – HOD Afrikaans / IEB Sub-examiner P1
Mr M Badenhorst: BA (Ed) –  Mathematics / Afrikaans / Housemaster, Haley
Mr T Els: BA HED – Afrikaans
Mr H van Ellewee: BEd (Hons) HDE FDE – Afrikaans
Mr N van Heerden: BEd – Afrikaans
Mr A van Zyl: BA HDE – Afrikaans / IEB Sub examiner P2 / Grade Head Grade 12


Mrs J Hicks: MTech PGCE – HOD Visual Arts
Ms L Langa: BTech – Visual Arts / Dramatic Art and EGD

Business Studies:

Mr W Marsden: HDE – HOD Business Studies
Ms A Fripp: BCom HDE FDE ACE – Business Studies / Director of Clubs and Culture

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Rev Kym Bishop


Mrs K-J Coleman: B Soc Sci (Hons) M Soc Sci – Counselling / Life Orientation


Ms U Singh: BA (Hons) – HOD Dramatic Arts
Mrs E Stockil-Smith: MA PGCE – Dramatic Arts / English
Ms L Langa: BTech – Visual Arts / Dramatic Arts and EGD

Engineering Graphics and Design:

Mr D Moodley: HDE – HOD EGD/ IEB Moderator EGD
Mr M Delport: HDE FDE – EGD / IEB Senior Sub-examiner EGD P2
Ms L Langa: BTech – Visual Arts / Dramatic Art and EGD


Mrs J Curtiss: BA HDE – HOD English / IEB Sub-examiner P2
Ms N Arndt: BA (Ed) – English / i/c Dayboys
Mr J Beaumont: BA (Hons) HDE – Housemaster, Finningley / English
Mr A Morgan: BA (Hons) PGC – English / Grade Head Grade 11 / IEB Sub-examiner P1
Mrs N Pearman: BA PGCE – English (Part-time)
Mr A Ryan: BA (Hons) PGCE – English
Mr M Saville: B Journ (Hons) PGCE – English / IEB Sub-examiner P2
Mrs E Stockil-Smith: MA PGCE – Dramatic Arts / English
Mr G Thompson: BA (Hons) PGCE – English


Mr J Robinson: BA HMS – HOD Geography
Mr W Amos: BA (Hons) HDE – Geography
Mrs T van den Aardweg: BA HDE – Geography / History


Mr N Peacock: BA (Hons) HDE – HOD History / IEB Senior Sub-examiner History P2
Mr J Waldburger: BA PGCE – History / IEB Sub-examiner History P1
Mrs T van den Aardweg: BA HDE – Geography / History


Mrs P Meyer: BEd – Inclusion Programme / Academic Support


Mr B Ndaba: BPaed – HOD isiZulu / IEB Examiner isiZulu
Mr M Zungu: BSS (Hons) – Deputy Headmaster /  i/c Community Outreach/ isiZulu

Information Technology:

Mrs C Elliot: MSc PGCE – HOD Information Technology
Mr K Eysele: BSc PGCE – Life Sciences / Life Orientation / IT

Life Sciences:

Mr D Macdonald: BSc (Hons) HDE – HOD Life Sciences / IEB Sub-examiner Life Sciences P1
Mr K Deponselle: BSc (Hons) PGCE – Life Sciences
Mr K Eysele: BSc PGCE – Life Sciences / Life Orientation / IT

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Life Orientation:

Mr S Edwards: HOD Life Orientation
Mr K Eysele: BSc PGCE – Life Sciences / Life Orientation / IT
Mrs A Perrett: BA (Hons) PGCE – English, Mandarin and Life Orientation (part time)


Mrs R du Plessis: BSc PGCE – Grade Head Grade 8 / HOD Mandarin / Mathematics
Ms X Dai: Mandarin


Mr M Ancillotti: BSc HDE – HOD Mathematics
Mr P Kirsten: BSc HDE FDE – Senior Deputy Headmaster / Mathematics
Mr A Willows: BSc HDE – Deputy Headmaster / Mathematics
Mr M Badenhorst: BA (Ed) – Mathematics / Afrikaans / Housemaster Haley
Mr C M Botha: BEd (Hons) HDE Sec. Ed ACE – Mathematics /IEB Senior Sub-examiner
Mrs R du Plessis: BSc PGCE – Mathematics / HOD Mandarin / Grade Head Grade 8
Mrs V Govender: BEd (Hons) – Head of Academics / IEB Sub-examiner AP Maths
Mr S Green: BEd (FET) – Mathematics / Housemaster, Pembroke / IEB Sub-examiner Maths Lit P2
Mr E Grundling: BEd – Mathematics / Grade Head Grade 10
Mrs S Hotz: BSc PGCE – Mathematics (part time)
Ms G Owen: BSc (Hons) HDE – Mathematics (part time)
Mr A Prinsloo: HDE – Mathematics / Housemaster, Gillingham


Mr M Lombard: BMus (Hons); MMus (Masters) – Director of Music
Mr B Alborough: BA (Hons) – HOD Music (subject)
Mrs B Ziegelmeier: BMus (Hons), LTGL LRSM – Piano Studies / Accompanist


Mrs B Barnard: – i/c Knowledge Centre


Mrs S Murray: BSc (Hons) HDE – HOD Science / IEB Science Examiner Phys Science
Mr S Main: HDE – Science
Mr G Moerdyk: BEd (Hons) – Housemaster, Sheffield / Science / IEB Sub-examiner Phys Science P1
Mr B Thompson: HDE SecEd FDE ACE – Grade Head Gr 9 / Science