KCOB Executive Committee Portfolios

Sisanda Linda

Etienne Fynn, Wray Radford, Mike Potter, Benji Hector, Iain Meaker and Kevin Phillips

Stephen Tedder


Wray Radford (’89), President and Fundraising

Iain Meaker(’87), Vice President and Communications

Benji Hector (’97),KCOB Treasurer

Sisanda Linda – Convenor

Mike Potter (’87), Discipline and Traditions

Kevin Phillips(’86), Durban KCOB Branch, Parents Society and Ambassadors

Etienne Fynn (’89), Networking, Convenor

Stephen Tedder (‘14), Community and Prayer


Ex officio

David Attenborough (’74), Networking Silver Hounds

Gavin Bester (’67), Survivors and Community

Nick Keary (’98), Hounds

Mark Jewitt (’89), Racing Hounds

Lorne Maclaine (’63), KLS Chair and Survivors

Elwyn van den Aardweg, Headmaster