President’s Message

Message from Kearsney College Old Boys President
Mhlangenkululeko Siwisa (Finningley, 2001)

Standing on the western verge of the Founders Avenue meander, under the safeguard and canopy of distinguished tall plane trees, The Greyhound maintains its vigil – both in silent salutation to those entering the Kearsney estate, and poignantly, a final vestige as one leaves the grounds.

Across from the Greyhound sits “Isivivane”, a project initiated by former Headmaster Elwyn van den Aardweg. A cairn where returning Old Boys and friends of Kearsney can lay a stone from their respective origins – an unspoken expression in acknowledgement of the inextricable bond with the school; and a beacon to guide one Home.

It is for these reasons that in the years to follow, the Greyhound lays the scene where life-long fraternal bonds formed during our time at Kearsney are fostered, in line with the indelible pride and passion built within us during our time together – and with 2023 marking the 95th anniversary of the KCOB, long may those fine bonds continue.

What you can look forward to as a Kearsney College Old Boy:

The KCOB Network

The KCOB alumni network enjoys an international footprint with a branch on almost each continent, and at least ten such branches within the country. The aim of these branches is to provide an extended network of social and professional support to fellow Old Boys, and would encourage Old Boys to reach out to the KCOB Secretariat to connect you the relevant branch whether travelling for work, study or pleasure.

News: Kearsney College and Old Boys

The KCOB is a conduit for communication of recent and upcoming developments and events on the Hill; and fellow Old Boys. We hope you shall share photos and significant updates in your lives to allow us to communicate as much through the quarterly Greyhound News, and the AlumNet platform.

Of course, the annual Chronicle, recording the performance and progress of the School to the annals of history is also available from the KCOB Secretariat.

In Closing

It is out strong view that a strong alumni network is key into maintaining the balance in driving a School forward in the highly dynamic and competitive world we live in, whilst maintaining its key traditions and values.

Founded just seven years after Kearsney College, and 2023 being its 95th year of existence, the KCOB remains steadfast in this vigil. Not only continuing to advocate for the best interests of Kearsney College, but also conscious of the role we play in representing the School in our respective spaces and origins.

Carpe Diem!