President’s Message

Message from Kearsney College Old Boy President Wray Radford (Finningley 1989)

It is a privilege to have attended a school such as Kearsney where many men develop friendships that last a lifetime.  KCOB encourage Old Boys to network and remember the good old days but also importantly to keep the pride and the passion for Kearsney where we learnt about life and what it means to be part of something that is greater than ourselves. To be part of the Kearsney ‘family’ is something all Old Boys can value.  We encourage Old Boys to attend and support Old Boys’ functions at the College, at branches in South Africa and around the world.

What you can look forward to as a Kearsney College Old Boy:

Being part of a network of more than 5000 old boys: social & professional support

KCOB branches around the country and the world provide an extended network of Kearsney Old Boys. The fellowship and support from other Old Boys can be invaluable both socially and professionally.

Please let us know where you will be working or studying, whether locally or abroad, so that the relevant branch can welcome and invite you to gatherings to meet fellow Old Boys.  If you are planning a gap year we might also be able to give you some helpful contacts.

It is important to let the KCOB Secretariat know to which branch(s) you would like to be connected.

Staying in touch with Kearsney College and news about Old Boys

We will let you know of recent and upcoming developments and events at Kearsney and will bring news of other Old Boys. We also hope to receive your news to let Kearsney staff, your classmates and other Old Boys know what you are doing.  So please share photos and communicate freely with the KCOB.

Greyhound eNews

This is e-mailed out on a quarterly basis with all the latest Old Boy and College news.

KCOB Community Team

This is a group of Old Boys who track news so that we can celebrate Old Boy achievements or pray for those in need.  If you wish to join the virtual prayer group contact the KCOB Secretariat.

The Chronicle

Each year a proud history is published as a record of the performance and quality contribution made by the current Kearsney students and Kearsney management and staff

  • A complimentary copy can be collected from the school for the Matriculating Class
  • KCOBs interested in purchasing a copy may contact our offices – Contact us

Events that keep us connected

Events are held on campus and by local branches.  See our events calendar and quarterly eNews.

What you can do for KCOBs

Stay in touch

Please keep your contact details current. Simply e-mail us at

Be good and proud ambassadors of Kearsney College

The difference between a good and great school is the strength of the involvement by Old Boys and partners. The KCOB was founded in 1928 and endeavours to act in the best interests of Kearsney College, offering leadership and resources within the KCOB and Kearsney College. I call on all Old Boys to join me in both service and positive promotion of Kearsney College.

Carpe Diem!


Documents:  KCOB rules and policies