Opening of the Renovated Kearsney College Museum

27 October 2021 saw the formal opening of the renovated Kearsney College Museum; a space designed to take visitors on a journey through Kearsney’s first Century, highlighting significant occasions and showcasing incredible memorabilia from the College’s yesteryears.


Located on the first floor of the Heritage Centre (at the back of the Henderson Hall), this area has always housed Kearsney’s memorabilia and archives, however, needed renovating.  This momentous task was undertaken by a team of passionate KCOB and dedicated Kearsney Staff over the past one and a half years – the building was in dire need of upgraded infrastructure and the contents needed to be documented and sorted.


Momentous occasions, snippets of world history, and personal recollections and historical pieces tell the story of how Kearsney came to be the school it is today. This is now a venue which KCOBs and the greater Kearsney Community alike can be proud of. We encourage families to visit and enjoy the experience.


Please contact the KCOB Office (031 765 9628 / to book a viewing,.

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