Kearsney Old Boys #StandingTogether

Kearsney College Old Boys are known to live by the school’s motto ‘Seize the Day’.

Once again, Kearsney College Old Boys do the school and South Africa proud during these very tumultuous times. When countries around the world are experiencing lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our medical teams are striving to make a difference. Kearsney Old boys are no different and have made the South African news in the last few weeks with the following:

Dr Jeremy Nel (Gillingham 1999), is leading a team of South Africans taking part in the World Health Organisation’s solidarity trial which aims to find a treatment for COVID-19. In an interview on ENCA he mentioned he believes scientists could find a cure for COVID-19, sooner than a vaccine. He mentioned that the drugs that they are trying as part of this trial are already available in substantial amounts around the world.

Dr Jeremy Nel (Gillingham 1999)

Richard Barrows (Finningley 1975), Barrows Group, Stuart Kidgell (Pembroke 1977), Senior partner at Lake, Smith and Partners Inc and his son Craig Kidgell (Pembroke 2005) have come together to produce an intubation box for ICU doctors who are treating COVID-19 positive patients that require ventilation. These are now being distributed to state and private hospitals throughout Kwazulu Natal. ICU specialists and pulmonologists are particularly at risk when providing respiratory care and tracheal intubation of seriously ill COVID -19 positive patients by droplet contamination. After manufacturing a prototype, a few important manufacturing challenges were addressed and optimized. The project was given the go ahead and agreed to donate free of charge the entire batch. Fortunately, by realigning the template, the manufacturing team was able to get two complete boxes out of each plastic sheet allowing 100 boxes to be made.

At a time like this, we know that many are making major contributions and personal sacrifices to help in the fight against the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Please share your stories with us from wherever you are across the globe, about what you’re doing, be it philanthropic, humanitarian, medical or community-driven deeds to contribute to #StandingTogether. Email

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