Memorandum of Understanding for the Resumption of School Sports Fixtures


It is with great excitement that all school sports fixtures have been given the green light to proceed. As a collective of boys’ schools in KZN, we are delighted as we all understand the significant educational value that sport plays in the development of young men.

Furthermore, our strength as boys’ schools is built on the solid foundation of friendly matches that have served us well over the years, as boys gather stories to be told long into their twilight years. Despite the challenges this pandemic presents us, our collaboration as boys’ schools continues to go from strength to strength and this particular period in our long histories will be remembered for many years to come, we have no doubt.

Importantly, however, this resumption of fixtures comes with a set of Gazetted regulations which are in place to protect all our boys and their families from the still very present threat of COVID-19. Although we may all hold our own views on these regulations, as schools we understand that the primary goal of having our boys participate and compete is the prize at this time; the euphoria of derby days and all the fun they bring will return in time but this aspect is not our main objective now.

We want our boys to play.

With this in mind, we have agreed that the following will apply at all our schools until further relaxations are allowed:

  1. NO spectators are allowed at matches.
  2. Boys playing AWAY fixtures will leave to return home as soon as possible after their game has been concluded.
  3. No war-cries will be allowed.
  4. Live-streaming of games, where schools have been able to secure equipment to realise this, will be encouraged so that parents can be ‘virtually’ included in watching their sons compete.

The intention behind returning to sporting fixtures has a few tenets:

  1. We need to ensure we avoid creating a throng of people at any of our schools – we aim to “thin the day” through these measures.
  2. School sporting fixtures are primarily about the camaraderie of playing – this first step in our return to sport should be our primary focus.

Lastly, we need to be vigilant in our collective fight against this pandemic. All of us hope that this permission to proceed with fixtures is not revoked in the light of a further outbreak of COVID-19 or as a result of schools and their communities not adhering to the regulations – this would spoil it for everyone.

As a collective of schools, we ask that everyone adheres to these regulations and the spirit with which we are approaching our return to fixtures.

Signed on 26 April 2021 by the Heads on behalf of the schools below.

Clifton College
Durban High School
Glenwood Boys High School
Hilton College
Kearsney College
Maritzburg College
Northwood Boys School
St Charles College
Westville Boys High School

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