Outstanding IEB NSC results for the Class of 2019

Young men of the Class of 2019 who achieved 108 distinctions between them and some phenominal individual results.

We are delighted to report the results of the 2019 IEB NSC Examinations. The Class of 2019 achieved outstanding results, reinforcing Kearsney’s reputation for academic excellence. Through their hard work, dedication and discipline throughout the year the boys have made themselves, their families and their school proud.

Some Kearsney highlights:-

  • 98% Bachelor Degree (Matric exemption) pass rate and 100% pass rate (Bachelor Degree pass rate for all IEB schools of 89,51%);
  • 48,2 % of Mathematics candidates achieved distinctions (IEB schools’ average distinction rate: 24,9%);
    One boy placed in the top 1% in SA; Ave. Kearsney average: 75,4%.
  • 27,4% of Physical Sciences boys achieved distinctions (IEB schools’ distinction rate: 16,9%).
    One boy in the top 1% (top 49 candidates) in SA. Kearsney average: 69,9%.
  • Ninth consecutive year that Kearsney’s Maths and Phys. Science distinction rates have been approximately double those of the IEB;
  • 100% Pass rate maintained in Mandarin for Kearsney’s second year of Mandarin candidates; 50% distinction rate.
  • 56,9% of Engineering Graphics and Design boys achieved distinctions (IEB schools’ distinction rate: 28,2%).
    Five boys in the top 1% (top 13 candidates) in SA . Kearsney average: 81% (IEB Average: 67%);
  • 56,3% of Information Technology candidates achieved distinctions (IEB schools’ distinction rate: 39,5%);
  • 30% of Kearsney candidates achieved 3 or more  distinctions;
  • 254 Distinctions at an average of 2,02 distinctions per boy.

Please see full details and a message from the Headmaster.