Class of 1974 Bursary Fund

Creating a 1974 legacy through establishing a much needed Kearsney scholarship for a talented and deserving boy to attend this great school.

The Class of 1974’s story

At the Class of 1974’s 40th reunion celebrated on the Hill over Founders Weekend (June 2014) the idea to initiate a Class Fund through which we could jointly give something back to our Alma Mata was promoted by reunion convenor David Attenborough.

By October 2014 the ‘first wave’ of gifts totaling R50,000 had been received by the Kearsney Foundation with a further R2,000 monthly debit order gifts signed up to grow the fund.  This being our initial demonstration of intent and momentum the Class of 1974 Bursary Fund is officially recognized as is the fourth Class Fund to be established!

Join us! The men of 1974 welcome all who value and support Kearsney to consider our mission!  We list our supporters, but you may choose to remain anonymous if you wish.

R2m 10-year goal for our 50th reunion in 2024!

All gifts will be invested and the interest on the capital fund of R2m will provide a bursary in perpetuity.

How the Fund Works

Managed and Driven

A Class of 1974 Bursary Fund steering committee drives the Fund with support from the Kearsney Foundation where a donor file for each supporter is kept and coordinated


100% of all donations to the Class of 1974 Bursary Fund are invested by the Trustees of the Kearsney Development Fund in conjunction with the Fund’s appointed investment managers.

Tax efficient

Kearsney is a registered NPO and PBO which mean all donations to this fund are tax deductible in the year the gift is received. (Applicable in RSA and USA)

Why an endowed fund?

An endowed gift is commemorated in the history of the school and will provide a sustainable and ongoing fund as a source of income to support Kearsney College.  Consider that in 50 or 100 years, the “Class of 1974’s Bursary Fund” will continue to realise the dreams of a boy seeking a world class education at Kearsney.

During the initial stages of building up an endowment, there may well be insufficient income earned to allocate a meaningful award to a deserving student or project.  In this case the trustees will aggregate the annual income with the income earned on similar endowments to make awards.


The Kearsney Foundation updates this webpage for the fund which reports on events, income and recipients.  For further enquiries contact us on

How to make a pledge – Click on our Pledge Form and specify Class of 1974

If you have a question contact the Kearsney Foundation on +27(0)31 7659600 / 27 / 28

1974 Supporter Honours Board


Seed funds      


David Attenborough R10 000 R215
Dave Bates   R500
Peter Briggs   R500
Tom Croft R10 821  
Peter Crossley R49 800  
Brian Dales R5 000  
Rodney Downs R10 000  
David Hotz R20 400  
Tony Leon   R200
Stephen Levy R5000  
Barry Livsey R10 000  
Guy Muller R23 827  
Robert Nathan R10 000 R500
Dave Pearse R10 000  
Dave Rigby R10 000  
Chris Smythe R10 000  
Richard Thring   R200
Lincoln Wait   R100