A fund that reflects the 8 decades of
Dr Graeme Shuker’s commitment and
generosity to Kearsney College.

A fund that will actively transform aspirations into achievements

From pupil, to pivotal leadership positions, a father and grandfather to Kearsney boys – Dr Shuker’s relationship with Kearsney College is centred around a deeply personal bond. Throughout his journey with the school, Dr Shuker has given back, endlessly, generously and meaningfully. Through encouragement, support, and guidance – always with a clear vision and calculated path – Dr Shuker’s legacy is one of benevolence.

Fuel Dreams & Foster Ambition

you too can be a catalyst for others’ success

We encourage those looking for a way to give back to the school to donate to the Graeme Shuker Legacy Fund, a fund administered by the Trustees of the Kearsney Development Fund. This bursary and scholarship fund will ensure that well deserving boys will be given the opportunity to attend Kearsney College, despite their financial backgrounds. Dr Shuker believes in equal opportunity for all those willing to work hard and embrace opportunity, which this bursary will reward.

Make the choice to continue the legacy of Dr Graeme Shuker – a legacy of upliftment, support and camaraderie.

A legacy of giving back.

Thank-you, Dr Shuker

for 81 years of steadfast service

This Bursary and Scholarship Fund is inspired by the decades of dedication that Dr Graeme Shuker has shown to Kearsney College. The epitome of giving more than you take, Dr Graeme Shuker has lead a life that inspires others to show gratitude through upliftment, support and unwavering commitment to serving others.

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