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By joining other Old Boys and current boys whose names have already been added to our Centenary Arch Donor boards you will help us secure the future of Kearsney College.

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Founders of Kearsney’s Second Century








AJ Eriksson Finningley 1963
T Karnezos Pembroke 1979
RC Beaton Finningley 1976
GM Wilks Gillingham 2000
AJ Thorne Gillingham 1994
MM Nkosi Pembroke 2007
DO Hall Gillingham 1952
MO Hall Gillingham 1953
VC Gevers (In Memory) Finningley 1944
DN Leitch Finningley 1961
M Werner Finningley 1978
BL Stander Pembroke 1991
RD Aitken Sheffield 1999
ML Bowler Sheffield 1999


ES Garner Finningley 1956
ME Garner Finningley 1981
GA Garner Finningley 1989
CM Garner Finningley 2015
RD Dekker Pembroke 2008
CR Foster Finningley 1970
CC Moodley Sheffield 2025
LN Mortimer Finningley 2009
JM Owen Finningley 2022

Founders of Kearsney’s Second Century

Name House Year
DR Dry Pembroke 2021
JH Hopkins Finningley 1933
JS Hopkins Finningley 1964
GP Swanepoel Sheffield 2026
SK Linda Finningley 2009
WB Linda Finningley 2017
BS Cornell Finningley 2024
F Sokhela Pembroke 2025
JD Peirson Finningley 2024
CR McKenzie Gillingham 2022
SH Msomi Sheffield 2022
AB Chimusoro Sheffield 2023
NG Polkinghorne Gillingham 1957
JS O’Donovan Gillingham 2024
GP Hughes Finningley 1998
EB Hughes Finningley 2022
DA van Jaarsveld Finningley 2024
NT van Jaarsveld Finningley 2026
DT Jollands Finningley 1969
Name House Year
SA Abrahams Finningley 2023
CA Abrahams Finningley 2025
WH Radford Finningley 1989
JA Radford Finningley 2023
DJ Saks Finningley 1991
CJ Saks Finningley 2023
BW Blomquist Gillingham 2024
JS Charlton Gillingham 2017

Founders of Kearsney’s Second Century

Name House Year
ZM Buchan Finningley 1993
MD Buchan Finningley 2024
TD Buchan Finningley 2026
GB Dyer Pembroke 1964
RW Lamplough Gillingham  
MD Lamplough Gillingham 1991
AJ Lamplough Gillingham 1992
PM Lamplough Gillingham 1997
MG Lamplough Gillingham 2024
MA York Finningley 1996
D York Finningley 2000
GP York Finningley 2004
L Gwebu Pembroke 2018
N Gwebu Pembroke 2021
BM Haley Gillingham 2024
CD Henwood Gillingham 2021
JM Naidoo Sheffield 2022
JS Naidoo Sheffield 2022
DD McElwee Pembroke 1992
VV Zikalala Pembroke 1995
Name House Year
CV Pottinger  Pembroke 1985
KV Pottinger Pembroke 2023
NE Ramodibedi Pembroke 1999
ML Nazar Gillingham 1983
LA Nazar Gillingham 2021
CE Davison Finningley 2021
L Koumantarakis Sheffield 2021
D Akal Finningley 2021
BF Pollock Finningley 1986
TF Pollock Finningley 2021
FF Pollock Finningley 2022
JM Riceman Sheffield 2021
DC Riceman Sheffield 2023
DC Blair Sheffield 2015
MJ Storm Pembroke 1957
PJ Storm Pembroke 1959
JJ Storm Pembroke 1988
SA Storm Pembroke 1990
ML Storm Pembroke 1992
MO Storm Pembroke 2013
JP Storm Pembroke 2016

TW Storm

Pembroke 2021


Founders of Kearsney’s Second Century

Name House Year
SR Hagemann Finningley 2006
RD Hagemann Finningley 2007
RO McLaverty Finningley 2007
D Van Rooyen Gillingham 1968
GD Dyer Pembroke 1961
JE Maskell Sheffield 2022
RF Tayler Gillingham 1965
MF Tayler Gillingham 1991
DS Tayler Gillingham 1993
BF Tayler Gillingham 2021
RF Tayler Gillingham 2023
CA Saunders Finningley 2021
RR Wimbush Pembroke 2021
A Dercksen Gillingham 2013
DI Diakogiannis Gillingham 2022
A Diakogiannis Gillingham 2024
HM Millard Gillingham 2023
DT Gevers Pembroke 1978
RD Gevers Pembroke 2003
Name House Year
TJ Andrews Gillingham 2020
XM Andrews Gillingham 2022
JP Gourlay Gillingham 1989
MJ Gourlay Gillingham 2024
GA Leitch Finningley 1960
DN Leitch Finningley 1961
NF Leitch Finningley 1967
BG Leitch Finningley 1970
AD Leitch Finningley 1987
NA Leitch Finningley 1998
CS Leitch Finningley 1999
CJ Leitch Finningley 2001
AJ Roden Pembroke 2022
JA Kenny Pembroke 2017
OP Kenny Pembroke 2019
JR Christie Pembroke 2023
JE Millican Gillingham 1923
ER Millican Gillingham 2025
SA Millican Gillingham 2025
DM Willington Pembroke 2021
K Jordaan Gillingham 2021
CD Dracos Sheffield 2004
KG Berry Pembroke 2024

Founders of Kearsney’s Second Century

Name House Year
CK Le Clézio Gillingham 1987
DM Le Clézio Gillingham 1989
LD Le Clézio Gillingham 2019
TJ Le Clézio Gillingham 2022
JC van Dijk Gillingham 2004
R van Dijk Gillingham 2007
D van Dijk Gillingham 2008
DG Barker Finningley 1972
NB Hagemann Finningley 1966
PG Grunow Finningley 2006
DD Morgan Trustee 1992
DJ Morgan Pembroke 1966
AM Morgan Pembroke 1968
PD Morgan Pembroke 1970
GJ Morgan Pembroke 2001
CT Morgan Pembroke 2003
DL McKeown Finningley 1993
DL Kyle Finningley 1954
MD Tanesse Pembroke 2021
F Verbaan Finningley 1961
DF Verbaan Finningley 1993
GL Verbaan Finningley 1994
WK Verbaan Finningley 1997
JD Verbaan Finningley 2024
DH Hislop Gillingham 2023
Name House Year
BP Livsey Gillingham 1974
MJ Aitken Sheffield 2002
JV Ridl Pembroke 2005
BD Ras Pembroke 1988
BJ Ras Pembroke 2018
ME Garner Finningley 1981
AG Hooey Finningley 1964
RG Timm Finningley 1956
JE Nel Pembroke 1987
CL Nel Pembroke 2019
A Beswetherick Gillingham 1997
J MIller Pembroke 2016
W Miller Pembroke 2020
NF Kirkwood Pembroke 1971
CD Kirkwood Pembroke 2008
MB Dindi Gillingham 1990
B Dindi Gillingham 2019
JA Hunt Finningley 1954
C Thompson Pembroke 2022
SM Rohwer Pembroke 2007
AL Muhlbauer Pembroke 1982
JP Botte Finningley 1951
CJ Grinyer Finningley 2014

Founders of Kearsney’s Second Century

Name House Year
A van Dyk Sheffield 2006
JC Young Finningley 2017
WR Young Finningley 2020
J Cremer Gillingham 2011
MW Brooks Sheffield 2000
ML Gouws Finningley 2025
A Kinsey Finningley 1955
GA Wheelwright Pembroke 2002
BR Massey Pembroke 2007
KD Stevenson Finningley 2018
LJ Rowley Gillingham 1975
R Phillips Pembroke 1984
DE Phillips Pembroke 2018
RD Phillips Pembroke 2023
A Buthelezi Pembroke 1997
Name House Year
LJ McCaul Pembroke 1980
MM McCaul Gillingham  2013
LC d’Avice Finningley 1988
B d’Avice Finningley 2021
A de Oliveira Finningley 1989
M de Oliveira Finningley 2024
L de Oliveira Finningley 2027
D Clark   1927
HD Clark Finningley 1957
DF Clark Finningley 1966
DS Clark Finningley 1991
CS Clark Finningley 1993
JG Foord Gillingham 2017
SL Siwisa Finningley 2004
EC Dowse Gillingham 1950
TH Dowse Gillingham 1965
KR Dowse Gillingham 1977
MJ Butler Finningley 2015

Founders of Kearsney’s Second Century

Name House Year
RM Gouveia Sheffield 2007
MM Gouveia Sheffield 2018
BE Tyack Finningley 2016
KL Tyack Finningley 2019
MR Heard Gillingham 2017
PM Zietkiewicz Sheffield 2014
JS Kaplan Pembroke 1962
GN Coppin Pembroke 1983
NJ Coppin Pembroke 2007
MJ Coppin Pembroke 2013
TW Smith Pembroke 1964
AJ Buchanan Gillingham 1995
R Cairns Pembroke 2015
BD Milstead Finningley 1967
CR Milstead Finningley 2000
GR Milstead Finningley 2006
PG Hulett Gillingham 1956
JB Hulett Gillingham 2015
T Karnezos Pembroke 1979
CT Karnezos Pembroke 2006
DB Karnezos Pembroke 2008
BJ Karnezos Pembroke 2012
Name House Year
EA Hagemann Finningley 1925
RN Hagemann Finningley 1957
BK Hagemann Finningley 1977
JK Hagemann Finningley 2016
LR Hearn Finningley 2008
SW Nortje Pembroke 2015
MF Vawda Finningley 2006
ZF Vawda Finningley 2013
SF Vawda Finningley 2016
CJ Whittaker Finningley 2018
PL Mchunu Sheffield 2018
D Bissett Finningley 2018
DH Barrett Gillingham 1981
TD Pons Finningley 2012
DJ Pons Finningley 2014
SJ Emmerson Finningley 1978
SS Sibiya Pembroke 1995
A Mnyaka Pembroke 1993
MO Brutsch Finningley 1962
GW Litster Pembroke 1980
DO Litster Pembroke 2011
BS Litster Pembroke 2015
KM Duvel Pembroke 2006
FW Ridl Pembroke 2006

Founders of Kearsney’s Second Century

Name House Year
C Hudson Finningley 1983
TS Hudson Finningley 2013
SW Hudson Finningley 2017
JB Bean Pembroke 2013
TR Bean Pembroke 2018
CW Kelly Sheffield 2019
JK Rochat Finningley 2018
LT Polkinghorne Gillingham 1925
TA Polkinghorne Gillingham 1956
TC Polkinghorne Gillingham 1980
DA Polkinghorne Gillingham 1981
MD Polkinghorne Gillingham 2011
RJ Polkinghorne Gillingham 2015
AJ Gray Finningley 1977
NB Gray Finningley 1986
MW Gray Finningley 2022
GW Gray Finningley 2025
J Muller Sheffield 2019
CD Smith Pembroke 1988
OD Smith Pembroke 2024
WJ Smith Pembroke 2025
MP Taylor Gillingham 2013
RD Taylor Gillingham 2017
JR Kennedy Gillingham 2014
Name House Year
CD Parsons Pembroke 2012
H Parsons Pembroke 2015
RS Parsons Pembroke 2017
LD Croshaw Gillingham 2016
CT Croshaw Gillingham 2023
BG Hagemann Finningley 1949
GJ Hagemann Finningley 1982
K Hagemann Finningley 2016
CD Tiegs Sheffield 2016
RD McGrath Pembroke 2013
PD McGrath Pembroke 2017
MW Schulze Finningley 1989
RL Otto Finningley 1986
M Burnton Sheffield 1999
C Buys Gillingham 2006

Founders of Kearsney’s Second Century

Name House Year
B Hector Gillingham 1997 
MD Walters  Sheffield  2006 
GJ Winchester  Finningley  2002 
WG Robinson  Finningley 1973 
DR Nunes  Sheffield  2010 
G Ogle Finningley 1997
JR Sutherland Gillingham 2017
SW Sangweni Finningley 2018
N de Beer Finningley 2017
GD Royston Finningley 2013
RJ Pringle Finningley 2018
BB Buchan Finningley 1996
TH Lloyd Gillingham 2006
TS Buys Gillingham 2018
PM Crossley Finningley 1974
MC Roach Pembroke 1968
CR Ellison Gillingham 1954
DS Farla Finningley 1998
K Farla Finningley 2000
Name House Year
BT Carmichael Pembroke 2017
CM Carmichael Pembroke 2020
GS Steele Gillingham 2021
MD Strauss Sheffield 2020
BA Palmer Gillingham 2017
BD Palmer Gillingham 2020
AC Nilsen Gillingham 2015
CB Nilsen Gillingham 2019
C Fourie Sheffield 2008
GW Shuker Finningley 1948
IG Shuker Finningley 1976
BG Shuker  Finningley 1978
CW Shuker Finningley 2007
GP Carmody Gillingham 1990
DF Carmody Gillingham 1993
PO Carmody Gillingham 1993
OE Carmody Gillingham 2019
TS Carmody Gillingham 2022
MW Bridges Gillingham 1988
KJ Bester Pembroke 1999

Please note – the name orders displayed here are not the final printing order

What is Innovative about the Centenary Arch Appeal?

There are several distinctive features of our Centenary Arch Appeal that will help drive its success:

    All donations raised will be transferred directly to the Kearsney College Development Fund. It will be preserved, invested and the returns capitalized. An agreed upon percentage of the returns will be drawn down annually to commit as bursaries and future capital investment.
    Specific donations varying in value can be made, thus making it possible for every Kearsney College Old Boy and current boy of the college to be a part of this Appeal.
R2 500 – once-off payment
R25 000 – once-off payment or recurring monthly commitment over a maximum of 50 months
R50 000 – once-off payment or recurring monthly commitment over a maximum of 50 months
R100 000 – once-off payment or recurring monthly commitment over a maximum of 50 months


    Donors will be acknowledged by their names being added to our various donor boards in the Centenary Arch at the entrance to the Centenary Academic Centre.
    The appeal will be a global one, drawing in Old Boys from around the world. It presents a unique opportunity for the school to reconnect with its widely dispersed alumni base. Current boys of the College will also have the opportunity of donating to this appeal and leaving their mark.

The Value of your Commitment

There are 600 places available to have your name etched onto our “Founders of Kearsney’s Second Century” glass donor boards for a once-off payment of R2500. This opportunity is being made available exclusively to Old Boys and current pupils of Kearsney College for a limited period.

Donations of R25 000; R50 000; R100 000 and upwards will be recorded on our dedicated donor boards which are to be situated within the same area. These commitments can be paid either as a single donation, annual donations or via recurring monthly donations over a maximum period of 50 months. 

Why should you support the Appeal?

Kearsney College is a great South African institution. It has a valuable role to play in developing well rounded, socially responsible young men, and in so doing forging a positive future for the country. By supporting this appeal, you are enabling Kearsney College to successfully position itself for the next century.


Tax deductibility of donations

The Kearsney College Foundation is a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and enjoys Section 18A status which permits the issuing of donation tax certificates to South African taxpayers.
Any tax benefit accruing to overseas donors will be regulated by the country in which the donation is made. Kearsney College has already put into place various mechanisms that will provide donors in select countries with the opportunity to leverage this tax benefit.
Please consult the Kearsney College Foundation on foundation@kearsney.com for more details relating to international donations.

Building a foundation for Kearsney’s Second Century

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