Kearsney Legacy Society

Kearsney College has a proud record of providing an excellent education and good, solid values to thousands of boys since 1921. This fine institution has played an invaluable role in many families over the years and has produced a wealth of distinguished Alumni who have made a considerable contribution to our society. One of the challenges facing Kearsney today is maintaining its world class education, facilities and staff while keeping within reach of deserving boys from all walks of life. Kearsney has always been a school that has “walked with kings yet kept the common touch” and wishes to remain so. One way of safeguarding the Kearsney legacy is to leave a legacy of your own. A bequest to Kearsney in your Will is a valuable way to make sure the school is equipped to face the 21st century and to ensure age-old traditions will be respected by future generations.

If you would like to leave Kearsney a legacy in your Will, this booklet will help with the practicalities.

For further information, contact the Kearsney Foundation on

Download the Legacy Brochure