Class of 2017 Bursary Fund

I Am Legacy

In life, there are a few constants that we can always count on: the sun will set, the guard will change and the moon will always go through its phases. For us it is how, through thick and thin, Kearsney will always find balance. Without the sun’s rays illuminating it, we would not be able to see the moon. In this way, we coexist. Each and every one of us reflect the values instilled in us on these hallowed grounds. I am because you are. Let us embrace the African truth that is “Umuntu ungumuntu ngabantu.”

The Class of 2017 want to give a gift to Kearsney to show our appreciation for the opportunities that the school had given to us.  We have decided to continue our Legacy by starting a Class of 2017 Bursary Fund.

Each boy from of the Class of 2017 requested that their parents set up a monthly direct debit on their behalf and the boys will take the reins after their 5 year reunion.

These funds are ring-fenced and invested in the Kearsney Development Fund. The plan is to add to this capital over the years and to see the investment grow over time and exist beyond our lifetime. We feel this Fund will be an excellent way for the year of 2017, both boys and parents, to keep in contact with one another and, most importantly, it provides a way for the Class of 2076 to create and build a legacy.  It is our goal to give others the same life changing experience that each of us has had at Kearsney.

Carpe Diem