Class of 2006 Bursary Fund

Pride. Excellence. Service.

“Some may say that it is just another school, but it goes a lot further than that for those of us who have seized the opportunities at Kearsney. It is something that runs through our veins and makes our hearts beat faster. Though we will be scattered around the world the bond we share as brothers will never be broken and it was forged at this great school. We have a belief in our school that is fuelled by pride and service. And when called we will go the extra mile as those before us have done which is what makes it the outstanding place it is” Taken from the Head boy’s speech in 2006 Angelo van Dyk

Ten years on and we the Class of 2006 have started our own Class Fund in order to do exactly what we said we would. Go the extra mile in service to Kearsney in order to create a Legacy for boys to have the same privileges we received and continue adding to our proud heritage.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” Gandhi

Carpe Diem!

How the fund works

This fund has been established by the Class of 2006:

  • All donations to this fund are tax deductible in the year the gift is received;
  • All donations are invested by the Trustees of the Kearsney Development Fund in conjunction with the Fund’s appointed investment managers;
  • An endowed gift is commemorated in the history of the school and will provide a sustainable and ongoing fund as a source of income to support Kearsney College. Consider that in 50 or 100 years, the “Class of 2006 Fund” will continue to realise the dreams of a boy seeking a world class education at Kearsney.
  • During the initial stages of building up an endowment, there may well be insufficient income earned to allocate a meaningful award to a deserving student or project.  In this case the trustees will aggregate the annual income with the income earned on similar endowments such that, in aggregate, a meaningful award can be made.

You are invited to support the Class of 2006 Fund

The Class of 2006 Bursary Fund aims to provide boys with a talent the opportunity to experience the camaraderie, world class education and Kearsney College life.


We would like to acknowledge your gift and track safe arrival of your gift so please send us your details and a copy of your gift payment to

A tax certificate is available for gifts made in SA.

Do you wish to pledge an annuity? (i.e. an on-going monthly gift)
Simply email to request a pledge form

2006 Supporter Honours Board


Seed funds      


Cameron Buys   R400

Steven Edwards

Sven Hagemann   R120
Ross Macleod   R250
JP Robert   R500
Bruno van Dyk   R200
Michael Walters   R100
Hilton Scott   R100