Breaking all Boundaries!

Kearsney College Foundation Bursary recipient excels in his matric exams!

Liyema Jacobs, who was supported by VW’s Children of VW programme, ISASA Maths and English Programme and Halfway Toyota. Liyema passed matric with 6 Distinctions!

A quote from Liyema:

“Going to Kearsney has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. A school like Kearsney is something I would only see in movies like Spud and I could never imagine myself, a boy from a township, attending one.

So, when the opportunity arose to attend Kearsney, I grabbed it by the horns (carpe diem). It was the toughest decision I’ve ever taken as it meant dropping everything and starting afresh in a new foreign place, 1000 km away from home. However, looking back, it was probably the best decision I’ve ever taken.

Kearsney (amongst many other things) exposed me to the other side of the wealth spectrum. But besides the different socio-economic backgrounds, everyone united under that badge, teaching me a valuable life skill. The memories and bonds I’ve created there I will forever cherish. The teachers also took on parental roles, going the extra mile for us, creating a home-like atmosphere on campus. The opportunities offered at Kearsney also allows one to find themselves. I found my love of music (through the choir) and trail running.

One of the thoughts that went through my mind as my eyes filled, in the final assembly, was that I wish I began my journey in Grade 8 as it felt incomplete. I guess Kearsney grew on me and it became my second home.

I’m currently at Stellenbosch, doing medicine and I hope to specialise into a surgery field. I would also like to make it possible for boys in similar or worse socio-economic backgrounds than me to be able to attend Kearsney.”

Carpe Diem

Liyema Jacobs

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