The Class of 1979 reunite in memory!

kearsney class of 1979

Earlier this year, the class of 1979 approached the Kearsney headmaster, Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg, wishing to contribute to the school in memory of the men from their class who were no longer with us. It was decided 20 Cape Chestnut trees would be planted along Chapel Road with a brass plaque awarded to the Class of 1979 for their generous and emotional contribution to their school. The plaque reads

Siya Khumbula Avenue

(We Remember)

The trees of this avenue were kindly donated by the Class of 1979.

We remember with pride our years at Kearsney and the classmates who are no longer with us.

This plaque was unveiled on Saturday 18th May over Founders weekend, with the Class of 1979 proudly revealed their plaque and memory towards their fellow school mates.